Commemorative Event Mihai Eminescu

The members of the Rotary Club of Bucharest commemorated our great national poet, Mihai Eminescu, considered by Romanian readers and posthumous literary critics as the most important poetic voice in Romanian literature. We had a special EMINESCU evening, with poetry, romance, selected dishes and special service. In a word – STORY.

Mihai Eminescu was particularly receptive to the European romanticism of the 19th century, assimilating his creation through literary masterpieces that show the passion for national history, for the struggle of the Romanian people for freedom and for the preservation of national identity.

Mihai Eminescu evoked in his writings the brilliant deeds of our forerunners, describing significant moments and personalities of national history and at the same time offering contemporaries real examples of patriotism, best reflected in the following thought:

“Patriotism is not only the love of the land in which you -you were born, but it is especially the love of the past, without which there is no love of country ”.