Foray into the history of Rotary International and District 2241

On February 23, 1905, the world’s first Rotary club was born in Chicago, at the initiative of lawyer Paul Harris, a club where professionals from various fields could meet, exchange ideas, and form consistent and lasting friendships.

“Service Above Self” has since become a global motto, a belief for millions of Rotarians who dedicate “above themselves” their time and resources to those in dire need of help.

As a result, happy birthday to all Rotarians! The movement we are part of is 115 years old and continues to make beneficial changes in the world.

On this occasion, our colleague, Peter Agripa Popescu gave a special presentation entitled “Incursion into the history of Rotary International and the District 2241” during the Rotary Club Bucharest meeting. A beautiful and interesting evening that we will always remember!