Medical visor donations to Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Elias Hospital and Gerota Hospital

We are pleased to announce that, through the mobilization and prompt response of club and committee colleagues, we managed in a record time to raise together the amount to cover the cost of visor materials recently donated to Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Elias Hospital and Gerota Hospital.

The result and thanks are especially due to those who accepted the invitation and participated in this fundraising through donations: Catalin Chiriac Babei, Monica Predatu, George Bădiță, Meda Vasiliu, Alexandru Isbasoiu, Daniela Iftimoaie, Liliana Muraru, Doina Draghia, Laurențiu Tincu, Jörg Menzer.

The funds raised to cover the cost of visors donated to hospitals exceed what is needed, which means we have a surplus that will be donated to the “Save the Saviors!” Project.

To find the most efficient way to meet the needs of hospitals, with the support of our club colleagues, we contacted the team and the team, the joint project of the Rotary clubs in Bucharest and Ilfov.

Given the exemplary mobilization of our colleagues, we invite you to continue your donations in support of the “Save the Saviors!” Project.

Minimum recommended donation: 50 lei
In the Rotary Club Bucharest account
opened at CEC Bank Gara de Nord Branch
With the mention “Sponsorship”

Find more information about this initiative at

We have among our colleagues who are part of the “Save the Saviors!” Team. – Anda Toma, Gratiela Badicu, Marius Leucutia whom we congratulate and support.

It is gratifying to see that projects continue even at a distance, and supporting a cause continues to bring people together. In these times of social distancing, our donations are a signal that we are still connected, that we support joint initiatives, that we are supportive and friendly in Rotary.

Thank you for your involvement so far and we invite you to continue together!