Rotary International Women’s Ball, 1st Edition

Women of Action – Be The Inspiration

Friday, March 1, 2019, 07.00 PM
Hotel Sheraton, Platinum Grand Ballroom, Bucharest

RSPV February 25, 2019
Daniela Iftimoaie, 0744386383,

Ticket: 300 ron
Bank account, Club Rotary Bucuresti:
RO89CECEB31930RON2937585 (CEC Bank)
Dress code: Black tie

Founded in 1905 as a community-based organization, Rotary International recognizes that the availability and ability to bring about change in the community is a right and responsibility of everyone, regardless of gender.

In 1989, by voting in the Rotary International Legislative Council, membership ceased to be applicable exclusively to men. Since then, women have acquired the right to become members of Rotary International. On this occasion, Rotary International’s official publication, The Rotarian, dedicates a special number to women in Rotary International in June 1990.

If in the 90`s there were 20,000 women in Rotary International clubs, since 2010 their number has exceeded 200,000, and in 2013 a woman became for the first time vice president of Rotary International.

In this moment to be a Rotarian is a privilege that we enjoy regardless of gender, so that together we can contribute by engaging in impact initiatives to support the community.

A priority of Rotary International is maternal and child health. Worldwide, Rotary members are developing ambitious projects such as health education, healthcare, or maternity medical equipment.

Mother and child`s health is a topic that affects everyone regardless of the social environment, education level or professional experience. In Bucharest, Rotary International, both women and men, are joining together for a common cause.

Rotary International Women’s Ball is an opportunity to support mothers and newborns, recognize the Rotarian’s potential to have a positive impact on the community and celebrate the Rotary International Woman.

The resulting funds will be redirected as donations for helping the newborns from National Institute for Mother and Child Health “Alessandrescu-Rusescu” (Polizu Motherhood) Bucharest.

Rotary International Women’s Ball is an initiative of Rotary Club Bucharest with the support of:
Rotary Club Pipera
Rotary Levant
Rotary Club București Cișmigiu
OCTO Bucharest Rotary Club
Rotary Club Bucuresti Nord
Rotary Club Continental
Rotary Club Bucuresti Atheneum
Rotary Bucuresti Curtea Veche
Rotary Club Triumph
Rotary Club Ambasador



More information about this event:
Mirela Constantin 004 0744321669