The new President and the new Rotary Club Bucharest Committee 2020-2021 & Paul Harris Recognitions

After more than 3 months of separation and virtual Rotary life, we met again with great pleasure at an evening of traditional Romanian storytelling, in a storytelling setting, in which the Change of Necklace of the Rotary Club of Bucharest took place, under the urging “Nature and Friendship Together”, in the complex of Bragadiru Palace.
It was a truly memorable evening, in which the projects carried out in the last year were presented, honorable Paul Harris awards, diplomas of thanks and many surprises were offered.

It was a year in which I became even more aware that the most important human qualities are friendship, understanding, empathy, communication, tolerance and helping.

A year that brought us together and made us stronger and wiser; it showed us a new human dimension, a new concept of life, a new revision of us as people and as Rotarians. I became even more aware that it is not about me, but always about US.

This year our Rotary club had very good results, it had perhaps the most beautiful and well-crafted “story”. A new story that has happily added to the other stories over time – that of the first Rotary club in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

This year’s story also ends with the honoring of four members of our club for their substantial contribution to humanitarian activities within Rotary:

Dorin-Dumitru Prunariu – Paul Harris Fellow
Marius Leucuția – Paul Harris Fellow
Dorian Sărmășan – Paul Harris Fellow
Mirela Popa – Paul Harris Fellow

Congratulations to the president of Rotary Club Bucharest 2019-2020, Mirela Popa – and to the entire Committee for all the achievements and for the dedication!
Good luck to the new president Alexandru Isbasoiu and to the entire 2020-2021 Committee!