The new president of Rotary Club Bucharest 2018-2019

This week, Rotary Club Bucharest gathered for a festive meeting.

Graţiela Bădicu received with excitement and enthusiasm the provocation of the president’s mandate, reaffirming the importance of the spirit of friendship and community service.

The meeting, dedicated to a new start with the Gracela Badicu’s mandate as President 2018-2019, was also an opportunity for members of Rotary Club Bucharest to think about what they bring together weekly.

Responding to the question ~ What aspect is the most important aspect for you as a member of Rotary Club Bucharest? ~ The participants responded simply ~ Friendship ~. Equally, members come for ~ the chance to do well together ~.

“Who are you? (…) What do you say about yourself?”

Asked what he says about Rotary International to people who are not familiar with this organization, Peter A. Popescu promptly answers “Friendship inside, help outside”, proof of the unitary vision of Rotary Club members.

In the spirit of the above, Gratiela presented her vision and priorities for this year, giving the importance of strengthening the relations between the members of the club and the development of projects with impact in the community.

Rotary Club Committee Bucharest 2018-2019:

President Rotary Club Bucharest
Graţiela Bădicu

Elected president 2019-2020
Mirela Popa

Past-President 2017-2018
Marius Leucuţia

Mirela Popa

Mircea Roman

Vice President & Chairman of the Administrative Commission
Peter Agripa Popescu

Chairman Membership Committee
Marius Leucuţia

Chairman of the International Relations Commission
Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu

Chairman of the PR Commission
Monica Predatu; Member of PR Commission: Dorian Sărmăşan

Chairman of the Commission Projects
Camelia Botezatu

President of the Interact & Rotaract Commission
Dragoş Călin

Chairman of the Rotary Foundation Committee
Dana Iftimoaie

Aritia Iagamos